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The Challenge

One of the great challenges facing the North American Lutheran Church from the beginning has been the education and training of pastors. We have asked:

Where will future pastors come from and how will they be trained?
How will they be prepared to preach and teach with confidence the truth of God’s Word?
How will they be equipped to boldly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
Where will they find orthodox teaching regarding the authority and interpretation of the Scripture?
Where will they learn the value of our rich Confessional heritage and integrate both Biblical truth and Confessional understanding into their preaching, teaching, and administering of the sacraments?
Where will they develop a devotional life rooted in the Scriptures and prayer, a clear understanding of faith that will continue to equip and sustain them, drawing them ever closer to Christ and relying not on themselves but the power and work of the Holy Spirit?
Who will mentor them as disciples of Jesus, nurturing them in the faith until they are fully equipped to disciple others?

In response to these questions, the 2013 NALC Convocation approved the formation of the North American Lutheran Seminary.

The Convocation also approved a goal of raising $1 million for our Theological Education Fund to establish the North American Lutheran Seminary as quickly as possible.

The Plan

The new North American Lutheran Seminary (NALS) will be an integrative, flexible plan for theological education that will serve the NALC well into the 21st century!

† The NALS will consist of a Seminary Center and Houses of Studies. Many have pictured it as a hub-and-spokes design — a wheel of sorts. The Houses of Studies will be located at existing seminaries and theological schools providing ready infrastructure and theological libraries.
† The new Seminary Center will be located at Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, Pennsylvania. The first House of Studies has been created on-site at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina. New Houses of Studies will be located as needed throughout North America — in the west, for example, as well as in Canada.

Trinity School for Ministry, Ambridge, Pennsylvania — site of the NALS Seminary Center


Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary


Gordon-Conwell Theological
Seminary, Charlotte, North Carolina — site
of the first NALS House of Studies


† NALC seminarians may take classes at the Seminary Center or one of the Houses of Studies, either in residence or as a commuter. Seminarians will also have the opportunity to take classes through distance or online learning, with a required residency on-campus at one of the locations two to four weeks a year. This will allow all NALC seminarians to engage with NALS faculty and other seminarians to develop a truly NALC pastoral identity.
† The NALS will be comprised of the Seminary Center and all Houses of Studies, with one faculty involving all professors at all NALS locations.
† Although NALC seminarians will be able to attend non-NALS schools, our seminarians also will be able to take classes at one of the several NALS sites, providing great flexibility for seminarians who may need to continue current employment during studies, or need to remain in one location due to family circumstances.


Donate online to support the Theological Education Fund or send checks to:

NALC Theological Education Fund
2299 Palmer Drive, Suite 220
New Brighton, MN 55112-2202


Documents relating to the creation of the NALC Seminary:

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