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The primary goals of our national mission teams are supporting, equipping, and resourcing congregations to accomplish the Great Commission. Currently, the NALC Missions Office is focusing on four main areas:

  1. Continued development of the Mission Festival as a training resource for Mission Districts and congregations. This annual event is designed and planned to maximize the training of our leaders.
  1. Continued development of Mission District Mission Teams to help congregations engage in the Great Commission by:
  • discipling faith communities grounded in the Lutheran tradition;
  • developing relationships with local, domestic, and global partners;
  • and planting churches and new mission starts.
  1. Launch of the NALC Congregational Mission Team Project. The goal is to have a vibrant and active mission team in every congregation. A task force is already formulating the template and congregational mission team job description.
  1. Resource the Great Commission Society Team.
  • The primary focus of the Great Commission Society is developing an active strategy to connect each NALC congregation in relationships with local, domestic and global missions.
  • The Great Commission Society has developed a vetting team so that congregations and individuals looking to partner with different missions can be assured of the mission’s legitimacy and fiscal responsibility.
  • Another facet of the Great Commission Society is its work to develop transitional and emergency aid through financial support by its members.

In addition to these main goals, our mission teams are working very diligently to provide for the needs and resources of congregations as they are being requested. Please contact the Missions Office at 614-777-5709 or [email protected] for additional information or assistance.


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