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The downloadable documents below provide guidance for individuals/groups interested in starting a mission post, house church, mission fellowship or mission congregation. Click on a link to download the document.

Administrative Documents

NALC Constitution

Model NALC Constitution for House Churches/Mission Congregations

Mission Formation Documents (how-to steps)

Mission Starts/House Church Affiliation Procedure

Missions 101: The Basics – Mission Built on Relationships (2015 Mission Summit):

Confession and Mission  (explanation/theology behind mission formation)

Formational Mission Questions

Practical Guide to Discernment and Call

How to Start a Church  (a case study provided by Advent Lutheran Church, Winchester, Virginia)

Teaching Documents (including PDFs of PowerPoint presentations)

2015 Mission Driven! Mission Intensive at the 2015 NALC Convocation:

John Bradosky:  How Jesus Dealt with the Disciples’ Fear (Transfiguration Sunday sermon, 2015 Pastors Conference)

John Bradosky:  Power, Love and Discipline (2013 Mission Festival)

Gemechis Buba:  House Church Mission Model (2013 Mission Festival)

Gemechis Buba: Missional Capacity Assessment (2011)

Gemechis Buba: Doing Ministry without Money (2011)

Gemechis Buba: Planting A Church in the 21st Century (2010)