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The NALC vision calls for every congregation, small or large, to have an active, intentional relationship supporting a local community ministry, one of the NALC mission congregations in North America and one global mission. There are three categories of ministries in the NALC: Ministry Partners, Recognized Ministries, Great Commission Society Ministries.

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  • Lutheran Lay Renewal

    Lutheran Lay Renewal of America is a non-profit Christian ministry that offers several options congregations can utilize to promote spiritual renewal, spiritual growth and evangelism.Learn More

  • Lutheran CORE

    Our purpose can be summed up in two words — network and voice. As a network for confessing Lutherans, we support and connect Lutheran individuals and congregations who seek to live in accord with biblical and confessional teachings and practices.Learn More

  • Lutheran Collegiate Bible Institute

    LCBI is a Lutheran high school. Their mission statement reads, "LCBI is a Lutheran Discipleship school offering grades 9-12. LCBI has strong academic, sport and choral programs.Learn More

  • Lutheran Church of the Cross (Covington, PA)

    “We the people of Lutheran Church of the Cross: are united together in Christ; reaching souls with the Gospel message; growing, learning, by offering services that equip for service; growing together in our spiritual lives; encouraging each other; looking ahead to Eternity.”Learn More

  • Lutheran Church of South Sudan

    The community of South Sudanese refugees displaced by the civil war numbers in the millions. LCSS is currently expanding mission efforts in the refugee camps in Ethiopia and Kenya. Two needs are met by the LCSS’s Trinity Lutheran Seminary and College: 1.) Leadership for growing and new congregations among the refugees; 2.) Hope for education, training and a better life for refugees in and around the camps close by Gambella, Ethiopia.Learn More

  • Lutheran Bible Translators

    Millions of people don’t have the Bible in their own language. Many speak a language that is not written down. Lutheran Bible Translators puts God’s Word in their hands.Learn More

  • Living Faith Lutheran Church (Red Deer, AB)

    Living Faith Lutheran Church is a group of believers who worship together, serve their community together, and try to be caring people who love God and love their neighbors. As a church of the NALC, they are a Christ-Centered congregation, believing that their purpose is to make disciples for Christ in their group, their community and throughout the world.Learn More

  • Life Together Churches

    Life Together Churches (LTC) is a network that supports people hosting worship and congregational life in small group environments. The network provides everything needed to enable a local group to quickly and effectively start a small group worshiping community and sustain its life and growth.Learn More

  • Life Stream Oromo Evangelical Church (Chicago, IL)

    This congregation’s mission statement reads: “Bring people to salvation in Jesus Christ and disciple them in their relationship to Jesus Christ…” The congregation, located in Chicago, seeks to build the Body of Christ, first through reaching out to the Oromo people in the Chicago area, then to all people under Jesus' command in Matthew 28, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” This will be accomplished with God’s help through regular worship, Holy Communion, confirmation study, the website, witnessing to neighbors, distributing flyers and going door to door.Learn More

  • LAMP Ministry Inc. (Lutheran Association of Missionaries & Pilots)

    LAMP shares the love of Jesus to indigenous people in communities in remote northern Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia through Christ-centered Bible studies and other outreach projects.Learn More

Apply to be a GCS Ministry

The Great Commission Society (GCS) of the North American Lutheran Church endorses ministries seeking prayer and financial support from congregations and individuals. Questions? Get in touch with the Missions Office.

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