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The Way

The purpose of the Great Commission Society of the NALC (GCS) is to mobilize disciples for the work of the Great Commission. Our mission is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a world that is in desperate need of the Good News. We propose to do this by networking congregations and individuals who have a passion for the proclamation of the Gospel and a commitment to the calling of the Great Commission.

The Truth

Our culture teaches that truth is relative. The Great Commission Society proclaims that truth is not relative but is personal and found only in the person of Jesus Christ. The Society will not seek to be all things to all people but will focus on the one thing that all people need — the truth about God as revealed to us by His Son, Jesus Christ.

The Life

The Great Commission Society fully believes that new life is to be found in Jesus Christ. Society members are therefore expected to reflect this new life through focused prayer, Bible study, inspired witness, contributions of time and talent, and financial support of missions locally and globally. Society membership funds will be used to support missionaries, mission starts, and renewal initiatives.

Your Calling

As a member, you will be supporting both NALC missionaries and mission projects that have emergency financial needs, as well as new mission starts in North America. You and your congregation may also choose projects to support locally and abroad from those described on these pages.


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