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After dedicating over a decade to the North American Lutheran Church as Assistant to the Bishop for Ministry & Ecumenism, the Rev. Dr. David Wendel has announced his resignation effective at the end of September.

Pastor Wendel now feels called to serve more closely within a local congregation, addressing the pressing needs of vacancies and empty pulpits.

He has been instrumental in our church’s growth from its inception and has tirelessly worked to uplift the broader church community. He will continue to be involved in the NALC’s ongoing ecumenical consultations.

Having served with Pastor Wendel for the past four years, I have witnessed firsthand his passion for the Gospel, his commitment to the Church, and his love for the Lord Jesus,” said Bishop Dan Selbo. “He has been a blessing to me and to many and his presence on our staff will be missed. We do, nonetheless, know that God will continue to use his gifts as he is now transitioning to full-time parish ministry, and thankful for his continued service with us in our ecumenical relationships.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Pastor Wendel for his unwavering commitment and service to the NALC. His contributions have undeniably enriched our community, and we pray for his continued success and blessings in his future endeavors.