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I give thanks to God for all His good gifts, especially the gift of life. He created us, loves us and sustains us throughout our time on this earth!

I also give thanks for the North American Lutheran Church (NALC), which has, from its founding, stood for the defense of innocent human life from conception until natural death. For those who haven’t read it, the NALC produced a statement in 2012 titled, “The Lord Is with You” – A Word of Counsel to the Church on The Sanctity of Nascent Life.

But as we have recently seen, new state laws have been passed which permit physician-assisted suicide and abortion in all nine months of gestation (and perhaps beyond). Furthermore, many of our national leaders are pressuring Christians to abandon God’s Word in regard to the value of human life.

In response, Lutherans For Life has created a “Petition For Life” to share the precious Gospel of life in all our churches. This is not a political statement, nor is it an attempt to raise funds or build a mailing list. Rather, it is an encouragement to our pastors, demonstrating that they are not alone in proclaiming God’s plan for human dignity from the pulpit.

As the coordinator of NALC Life Ministries, I heartily endorse this effort. We may not agree on everything as Lutherans, but we should be able to agree that God is our creator and the Lord of our lives, and that He loves human life and wants us to protect it. You can become a member of NALC Life Ministries by clicking “Join” on the NALC Life Ministries Facebook page.

Would you please sign this petition and then distribute this link in your mission district and congregational newsletters?

Written by the Rev. Dr. Dennis Di Mauro, NALC Life Ministries chair.

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