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The North American Lutheran Church was founded in 2010 and has grown to over 470 congregations and ministries. We remain committed to a lean denominational structure able to provide support and resources for the mission and ministry of NALC congregations. The current structure, designed for a smaller body, is no longer adequate to care for and promote the growth of all aspects of the church’s mission. The NALC is at a time when our structure must adapt to effectively pursue the Great Commission of the Church. The primary purpose of restructuring is to assist the bishop and deans in providing discipling relationships of pastoral care, teaching, administration, and accountability for the congregations of the NALC. The plan organizes the NALC into four geographic areas in which assistants to the bishop, responsible and accountable to the bishop and the Executive Council, fulfill this purpose.

You can find the complete assistant to the bishop job description here and the nomination form below.