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Nominations are being received for positions to be elected at the 2022 Online Mission Convocation. The Nominating Committee seeks nominations for the following positions:

Executive Council two positions (one clergy, one lay); 3-year term
Court of Adjudication two positions (clergy or lay); 3-year term
Board of Regents three positions (clergy or lay); 5-year term

Read descriptions of these positions.

Congregations are welcome to nominate individuals for any of the open positions. All nominations should be submitted by April 27, 2022. This will give the Nominating Committee the time necessary to compile nominee biographical information and comply with the constitutional requirements about providing this information to the delegates.

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Executive Council | Court of Adjudication | Board of Regents

Nomination Form

Nominee Biographical Information Form

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Questions? Email Rev. Hugh Brewer, nominating committee chair, at [email protected].