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Grace Lutheran Church

Advance, North Carolina

Grace Lutheran Church is a mission plant of Saint John’s Lutheran Church (Statesville, NC), having begun in January 2016 in Advance, NC. This new congregation worships in the chapel of a local funeral home. Saint John’s helped to provide administrative and worship supplies, rent subsidies and transportation assistance in the past.

The last year has brought growth to Grace Lutheran Church, including a part-time call for pastoral support to the mission plant. Bible studies and the development of lay leaders and parish administration of the mission fellowship continue. Funds are still needed to assist in growth and development of this mission start.

Grace received an NALC mission grant for 2016. No audit is currently in place, though much information is available on the congregation’s website.

Marc Voigt
PO Box 1735
Clemmons, NC 27012

Email: voigtmg@gmail.com

Phone: 336-684-5634 (Pr. Mark Ryman)

Website: http://gracenalc.org

Click here for a form to “adopt” Grace Lutheran Church and send direct support.



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