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Friends of Madagascar Mission

Friends of Madagascar Mission (FOMM), financially supports the mission and ministry programs of the Malagasy Lutheran Church (FLM). We do not sponsor or run our own programs, but “walk together with” the FLM. Currently we support seven programs:

• Prison Ministry – Now in 12 prisons and adding new ones each year.
• Ejeda Hospital Nutrition Program and Emergency Medical and Food Programs
• Evangelists – Currently support 43 evangelists from two synods.
• Bible Schools – Currently support three Bible Schools: Manasoa –Betioky Synod; Mananovy – Betroka Synod; and Manatantely–Faradofay Synod.
• Tandroy Bible Translation and Printing Project – Awaiting delivery of 20,000 Bibles and 82,000 hymnals in the Tandroy dialect from the Ebenezer Christian Printing Company in Kerala, India. For the past 16 years,Steve Lellelid (supported by Friends of Madagascar Mission) translated the Bible into the Tandroy dialect.
• Drip Irrigation Project – A new program beginning in 2017 to teach people in the arid southwest part of Madagascar (in the Ejeda Hospital area) how to provide for their food supply during the droughts.

One hundred percent of a contribution goes to the mission project selected, with nothing taken out of the gift for administrative costs. The gift is sent quickly to the selected mission project in Madagascar. Contributions may be designated separately to apply toward FOMM’s administrative costs. Contributions come from individuals, congregations, grants, wills and endowment earnings.

David Lerseth

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