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The North American Lutheran Church presents Come!, an Advent devotional booklet for 2021. This year’s booklet is based on the two-year daily lectionary provided in the North American Lutheran Church’s Devoted To Prayer daily prayer and reading guide, which is also an adapted version of the daily lectionary in the Lutheran Book of Worship, Year II. The executive staff of the NALC have prepared devotions for each day from the First Sunday of Advent to Christmas Day.

Ways to access the 2021 Advent Devotional:

Download a copy
Download a black & white or color copy of this year’s booklet. Once you’ve downloaded the booklet, you can print a copy for yourself or your congregation.

Daily Text Message
Receive a text message each day with that day’s devotion. To sign up, text: ReadingTheWord to 24251.

Daily Email
To receive a daily email with that day’s devotion, visit: callingpost.site/ReadingTheWordofGod. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the box that says “Sign Up Now.” (Note — if you wish to receive only an email, do not enter your phone number on this form.)

Video Recordings
Watch a video recording of the devotional daily: facebook.com/thenalc

Read this week’s devotions: