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The North American Lutheran Church’s (NALC) Mission Festival continued in Nashville, TN, on Thursday. The Rev. Dr. Joseph W. Parsalaw of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania brought the keynote address on “The Shape of Congregational Life in Tanzania Today: Blessings and Challenges.” Breakout sessions followed on a variety of mission and discipleship topics. The Rev. Dr. Gemechis Buba delivered the second keynote address of te morning, concluding the 2017 NALC Mission Festival at Noon.

The 2017 NALC Convocation began with a Festival Eucharist observance of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation and the official opening of our convocation. Business ensued, including voting, reports, introductions of guests, the Bishop’s Report, and recognitions of ordination anniversaries, chaplains, seminarians, and new pastors.

In the midst of business, Dr. James Nestingen delighted the Convocation with the first Keynote Bible Study Address, focusing on, “Work out your salvation with fear and trembling” (Phil 2:12).

Following the events of the day, Bishop John Bradosky met with representatives of NALC Disaster Response and Women of the NALC to rejoice and pray over their Stuff the Truck event. Thank you to all who made this such a successful endeavor.

Lily Bell is the new service dog for Lutheran Military Veterans and Families Ministries, one of our many missions, ministry partners, and vendors in the display area for Lutheran Week.


The North American Lutheran Church’s (NALC) Lutheran Week Convocation continued in Nashville, TN, early Friday morning with the Deans’ Breakfast at 6:00am. The entire convocation then gathered for devotions and a Keynote Bible Study by the Rev. Dr. Nathan Yoder.

Fr. Jared Wicks, SJ, Scholar in Residence at the Pontifical College, Josephinum brought, “Reflections on Martin Luther From a Roman Catholic Perspective.” Ecumenical and Inter-Lutheran guests were greeted, followed by an address from Carmen Fowler LaBerge of the Presbyterian Lay Committee: “Reformed Perspective of the Lutheran Reformation.”

A variety of reports were presented, including the Treasurer’s Report, the 2018 Budget Proposal, NALC Structure Task Force Report, Stewardship Task Force, Holy Families, Lutherans for Life, WNALC Report, NALC Disaster Response, Missions Report, Global Workers Vision and Goals for 2018, Ministry Partners, Water Mission, 2018 Pastors Conference Announcement, and the 2018 Canadian Rockies Theological Conference.

Workshops were held over box lunches. Following our working lunch, more reports ensued, and conversation begun in the morning about the Bishop’s Election Task Force Proposed Constitutional Amendment continued, then failed to pass.

Denver, Colorado, was announced as the location for the 2018 NALC Lutheran Week. Newly elected officers were installed and the 2017 Convocation was officially closed.

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