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“Kingdom Kids” (Niños del Reino)
Tarma, Peru

Shepherd of the Woods in Jacksonville, FL, has been working in Tarma, Peru, to establish an after-school program, named “Kingdom Kids” (Niños del Reino) for kids who live in poverty and have no after-school supervision until their parents return each day from work in the fields. Many of these people have had no contact with anyone or anything Lutheran before.

Modeled after the love and care of Jesus Christ we have the opportunity to meet the needs of the children and concerns of the teachers! “Kingdom Kids” will function not just for the academics, as we support them with tutors and structured homework time, but will also provide a safe and loving environment to hear the Good News! Some of the children will hear this message for the first time! This new, faith-based afterschool program is one avenue in which we can put our faith in action, using the gifts of those in the worshipping community and further establishing a presence of care and hope in Tarma. Those who know God’s gifts will be sharing God’s gifts with the little ones.

Recipient of a first-year grant from the NALC for $5,000 in 2017. Additional donations received will go directly to support the following program needs:

• Providing a hot meal for each child each day (77¢ per meal or $450 a month!)
• Providing a cook to prepare the meals ($250 a month)
• Providing a licensed professor each day to help children with homework ($325 a month)
• Providing a program director who oversees the ministry ($350 a month)
• Providing school/learning supplies and internet for the children ($100 a month)

Mailing Address:
7860 Southside Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Pr. Kristen Phillips (Jacksonville, FL)  Ruben Araujo (Tarma)
(904) 641-8385
Email Pr. Phillips

Click here for a form to “adopt” Kingdom Kids and send direct support.




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