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Gudina Tumsa Foundation – US

Located in Mansfield, OH, the Gudina Tumsa Foundation has been established to serve the Ethiopian people, using the gifts God has provided, and to share the work that the Lord has done in our hearts.

We also seek to be open to the blessings of the Ethiopian people to further enrich our faith.

The Foundation’s goal is to build a medium-sized clinic in the Suluta, Ethiopia, region that would seek to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ through words and practical service. We plan to hire local Ethiopian medical professionals who share a vision of providing quality medical treatment and helping to solve some of the region’s health challenges.

The GTF-US has been awarded a first-year grant of $5,000 from the NALC and anticipates support money in this, its first year, will be used to transport medical equipment and supplies to the Suluta region of Ethiopia, and for the start-up costs of setting up a clinic.

Contact Persons: Chad Kaufman / Christina Coffy

4460 Mansfield-Adario Rd.
Shiloh, Ohio 44878

Telephone: (419) 908-8003

Email: chad@gtfus.org

Website: www.gtfus.org

Click here for a form to “adopt” the Gudina Tumsa Foundation – US and send direct support.




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