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Mission Driven – The North American Lutheran Church has four core values, one of them being “mission driven.” Driven is a dynamic word describing movement, activity, duty and mobility. That description suits the NALC well. We are mission driven. We are centered in Christ. We are grounded in tradition. We are focused on congregations, and we are driven with the mission of making disciples of all nations. These resources are practical tools designed to assist our congregations and leaders on the journey.

• Mission Connect • Mission Finder • GoodNews! Letter (Staff Blog) • GoodNews! Media (Video Blog)  
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Mission Connect
A new story is published each week on Mission Connect sharing local, domestic, global stories from the NALC.  
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The GoodNews! Letter
Click for the NALC Staff Blog with stories and updates from the road.  
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Mission Documents
The downloadable documents below provide guidance for individuals/groups interested in starting a mission post, house church, mission fellowship or mission
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Mission Videos
Presented below are resources on discipleship and mission, including print and video from the 2017 Church Planting Conference; 2016 Mission
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