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The downloadable documents below provide guidance for individuals/groups interested in starting a mission post, house church, mission fellowship or mission congregation. Click on a link to download the document.

Administrative Documents

NALC Constitution

Model NALC Constitution for House Churches/Mission Congregations

Mission Connection Resource List

Mission Districts

Mission District Mission Team Best Practices

Mission District Mission Team Formation Extended Version

Mission Formation Documents (how-to steps)

Mission Starts/House Church Affiliation Procedure

Missions 101: The Basics – Mission Built on Relationships (2015 Mission Summit):

• PDF of PowerPoint presentation

• Handouts

Confession and Mission  (explanation/theology behind mission formation)

Formational Mission Questions

Practical Guide to Discernment and Call

How to Start a Church  (a case study provided by Advent Lutheran Church, Winchester, Virginia)

Teaching Documents (including PDFs of PowerPoint presentations)

Life-to-Life Discipleship Bible Study (Rev. John Bradosky, NALC Bishop)

• Video (Mission Festival 2017)

Bible Study

Graying in Grace Bible Study

Prayer The Fuel For Mission Bible Study

Scriptural Retirement Bible Study

2015 Mission Driven! Mission Intensive at the 2015 NALC Convocation:

• Mission Driven! booklet

• Congregational Road Maps (excerpt from Mission Driven! booklet)

Rev. John Bradosky:  How Jesus Dealt with the Disciples’ Fear (Transfiguration Sunday sermon, 2015 Pastors Conference)

Rev. John Bradosky:  Power, Love and Discipline (2013 Mission Festival)

Rev. Gemechis Buba:  House Church Mission Model (2013 Mission Festival)

Rev. Gemechis Buba: Missional Capacity Assessment (2011)

Rev. Gemechis Buba: Doing Ministry without Money (2011)

Rev. Gemechis Buba: Planting A Church in the 21st Century (2010)

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