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This is a more organized group that has regular meetings at a mission site, such as homes, coffee shops, and other available spaces. Most house churches do not have a pastor but are lay led. The main emphasis is to gather for worship, Bible study and prayer. This is an effective way of expanding the Christian faith without front-loading a mission plant with the burden of renting or owning worship space. A house church may begin with a small group of committed Christians in an area where no church exists, or it may be planted by an existing congregation branching out into a local neighborhood under the leadership of the mother congregation. The goal of a house church is not necessarily to grow into a larger congregation that requires its own building. Rather, a house church focuses on discipleship and depth.

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  • I am a member of Good Shepherd Anglican Church in San Angelo, Tx. We are looking into starting an Inter-Church Missionary program where we would be starting small group worship group throughout our community. These would mirror the House Church program. Any information you could send me would be very helpful.