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“Those who drink of the water that I will give them will never be thirsty” (John 4:14).


A great gift of our Lord is the chance to drink deep from His living water. Reading the Word of God on a consistent basis is at the heart of our faithful obedience as followers of Jesus. We read His word to know Him better. And yet, for so many, this is a challenging task. Daily readings get lost in the shuffle of life.

Welcome to Drops from the Well. Utilizing the readings from Sunday morning, Drops from the Well can be delivered to your phone (US phone numbers only) via a text message or to your email inbox. More than a verse-a-day, Drops from the Well focuses on sending out one key point or Gospel kernel with the hopes that you read and reflect on that drop each day of the week. Every morning at the breakfast table, pray this “drop” together as a family. Every night around the dinner table, use the “drop” as the lens through which you recap your day. You can share highs and lows around this verse, talk about a mistake you made and the way the Living Water, even in this little “drop,” helped you through.

As with most things, version 2.0 builds upon the initial idea and makes it better. We would like to introduce you to Drops in Focus. The concept is similar, but the fruit is much riper. Perhaps you, like many, receive numerous text messages throughout the week. It doesn’t take long for Drops from the Well to become buried under a long list of other messages. Our team continued to dream of ways to keep the Word right under our noses. Drops in Focus utilizes the same technology, but instead of sending the verse in a “text,” it is delivered to your phone in a picture image each week. The goal is to save this image to your phone and set it as your lock screen image. We would like to invite you to join us on this journey as Drops from the Living Water come into the focus of our lives.

To receive a “Drop” from the Well of Living Water every Sunday night:


For Drops from the Well (text only):

For Drops in Focus (image with text):

Learn how to set an image as wallpaper or a lock screen:

Apple: http://apple.co/1ScnAXM                     Android: http://abt.cm/1mP4GIO

So, how do you tap into Drops from the Well or Drops in Focus?

  • Delivered to your phone or email inbox, you can now share a “drop” of Scripture around the breakfast table as a launch pad into your day.
  • Use this “drop,” which may have been the focus of the sermon you just heard on Sunday morning, to ask questions about worship and the sermon and to live into applying the “drop” to your day.
  • Use this “drop” in Lectio Divina. The steps are: 1) Lectio – reading; 2) Meditatio – reflection; 3) Oratio – response; 4) Contemplatio – rest.
  • Or Luther’s version: oratio, meditatio, tentatio.
  • Use this “drop” as the second step in Faith5. Those steps are: 1) Share; 2) Read; 3) Talk; 4) Pray; 5) Bless. For more information on the Faith5, go to www.faith5.org.
  • With children, develop simple signs to help them remember the “drop” and stain it on their hearts.
  • Use the “drop” with 3dm’s Circle. Go to http://3dmovements.com for more information
  • Turn the “drop” into your prayer.
  • Write the “drop” on a note card and keep it in your pocket so that when you touch it, the “drop” is brought to the forefront of your mind.
  • Sent the alarm on your phone to ring at a 4:14 PM Eastern each day (a reference to the general theme verse of John 4:14). When the alarm goes off, read the week’s “drop” again, as the entire NALC gathers to read Scripture and pray together at the same time every day.


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