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Join with other NALC churches in providing assistance to our brothers and sisters in Christ. There is a great need for assistance from our NALC congregations and members to help people in West Virginia affected by the June 30th storm that dumped 10 inches of rain, causing flash flooding in the mountains and three rivers to flood. More than 3,000 homes were destroyed and thousands more have major and minor damage; more than 5,000 families have been impacted by the flooding. Twenty-three people are confirmed dead, including 4- and 8-year-old brothers who were swept away in flash flooding. Forty-four counties have been declared disaster areas by the West Virginia state government, but FEMA has declared only 11 counties of the total 44 counties impacted. Some areas are still inaccessible. Your help is needed!

How NALC Disaster Response is responding

Three truckloads of flood buckets, health kits, bottled water and other supplies have been delivered to impacted areas, and St. Timothy Lutheran Church (Charleston, WV) is prepared to host volunteer teams. They have a fellowship hall and showers for volunteers who are able to respond.

How YOU can help

Needed items: Financial gifts (donate online to NALC Disaster Response); gift cards (Lowes, Home Depot, Target, Walmart); squeegees for floor cleanup; mops; shovels, rakes and hoes for debris cleanup; flood buckets; bleach and other cleaning supplies; flood bucket kits; health kits; layette kits; school kits; quilts; and any other items to sustain families until their homes can be rebuilt. School kits are needed in August for the children who have lost everything.

Click here for information on disaster kit contents

Volunteer teams are needed for rebuilding.

Schedule your team by contacting Mary Bates at 740-509-1132

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A local pastor and two Lutheran families have lost their homes. Everything — including the homes — needs to be replaced. The following is a list of donated materials that are needed for these families:

***stick-built home for a family of 4

***a mobile home for a family (city ordinances require that mobile homes are 7 years old or newer)

4 beds w/mattresses 4 sets of linens 4 dressers bath towels
2 couches/chairs 2 dining room tables/chairs 2 sets of pots and pans 2 sets of storage containers
3 refrigerators 2 electric stoves 1 freezer 1 dishwasher
2 sets of dishes/cups/glasses dish towels and dish cloths 2 washers 2 electric dryers
2 electric water heaters mechanic/carpentry tools 2 vehicles 4 lawn mowers (1 riding, if possible)

Other items will be added as our outreach expands.