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The 2016 Nominating Committee presents the candidates named below for positions to be elected at the NALC Convocation August 10-12 in Anaheim, California.

No nominations were received for a lay member to fill the 4-year term on the Executive Council. Therefore, we earnestly solicit nominations for this position.

Regarding additional nominations for Executive Council, the NALC Constitution (10.03, 15.01), specifies that “Three or more delegates representing at least three congregations may together submit an additional nomination in writing. To be in order, the nomination, together with supporting biographical information, must be submitted to the Nominating Committee no later than 45 days prior to the Convocation.

Please send additional nominations to [email protected] by June 27, 2016. The necessary forms may be found at the bottom of the 2016 Lutheran Week page.

We believe that the individuals named below are qualified and would do well in their service if elected.

This year’s candidates for Executive Council, Court of Adjudication and NALS Board of Regents are:

  • Executive Council, clergy, one 4-year term: Carl Haynes, Kenneth Kimball, William Maki
  • Executive Council, lay, one 4-year term: TBD – Nominees sought (minimum of two needed)
  • Court of Adjudication, one 4-year term: David Schafer
  • NALS Board of Regents, one 4-year term: Ralph Kempski, Thurmond Plexico, Paull Spring
  • NALS Board of Regents, three 6-year terms: Cathi Braasch, Donna Evans, Jeffray Greene, Kristopher Madsen, Dennis Meyer, Allen Schoonover, Kris Snyder

Click here for biographical summaries of the nominees for Executive Council, Court of Adjudication and NALS Board of Regents.

The Committee is grateful for the opportunity to have served the NALC, and we commend these well-qualified individuals to the Convocation for your consideration. We pray that God will guide the election process so that those who will best serve us will be raised up.

Respectfully submitted,

Pastor Donald Brandt, Chair
Pastor Cathi Braasch
Mr. Harvey Hengst
Ms. Shelly Ree
Pastor Bert Schultz