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Thanks to Water Sunday participants last year, Water Missions International (WMI) was able to implement sustainable safe water projects all over the world. These photos show how congregations helped a project serving 1468 people in COPE Mission, Kenya and 2,400 people in Tolama, Indonesia. You are changing lives through safe water and the Gospel!

Join with other NALC congregations this Water Sunday to continue to bring life change to communities all over the world through the work of Water Missions International. In Kenya, Michal Muga from Kager Community said about their Living Water Treatment system, “When visitors ask who did this, we tell them it is a miracle, given through God’s grace.”

We have an awesome opportunity as the Church to be a part of something BIG this spring. Water Missions International is looking for 100 congregations to participate in their Water Sunday program. Over the past three years, Water Sunday has transformed thousands of lives around the world.

Water Sunday is one Sunday your church sets aside to focus on the global water crisis through a variety of activities, studies or sermons that bring the congregation into solidarity with people all over the world who lack safe water. It includes a special offering to provide safe water and the Living Water message for those in desperate need. Water Sunday is an interdenominational event and can be incorporated into the life of your church, no matter your specific style of worship. Whether you choose the beverage fast as a Lenten program, would like to emphasize the Global Water Crisis for the whole month of March or April, or participate for just one day on Water Sunday, April 26th, Water Missions International has developed specialized Water Sunday resources that are totally done for you and completely free!

Visit www.watermissions.org/watersunday to take your next step.

Two Things You Need To Know

  1. If you have ever thought about participating in Water Sunday – this is the year. WMI has put together a slideshow for you to show your church council, missions committee, church members, other churches, everybody! Get resources here.
  2. Do you think you could get at least five other churches in your area to participate in Water Sunday together? Be a Hub Church! The more churches involved, the more lives transformed. Let WMI know and they’ll send you some resources to get started. Email WMI to get started!

Step into the Unknown with WMI this Spring and see how God can use you to be part of the solution to the Global Water Crisis.

Here are some of the creative ways your church or small group could participate:

  • Beverage Fast – Challenge your congregation to skip all beverages except water for a designated amount of time. You can participate for a week, a full month, or even as a Lenten fast! Calculate what you would normally spend on drinks for that amount of time and donate it to provide safe water to people around the world.
  • Six-Week Small Group Study – This transformational small group study will walk through three people from the Bible, starting with Jesus calling Peter out onto the water, as they take steps of faith and will provide actionable steps that participants can take each week as they grow in their faith. Each session includes a powerful 4-5 minute video with testimonies from WMI program staff around the world, a focus on a specific passage of scripture, discussion questions, and a challenge that helps your group members take a step of faith each week.
  • Walk For Water – Every day millions of women and children in developing countries walk an average of four miles to retrieve water to meet their family’s daily needs. You can engage your church and local community by doing a walk for water! Plan a mile-and-a-half walk from your church or a park to a nearby lake or river, fill up buckets with dirty water and make the return journey. This fun activity is a perfect event to top off your Water Sunday and truly experience what it’s like for people around the world every day.


Will you join Water Missions International in observing Water Sunday? Visit www.watermissions.org/watersunday to take your next step.

Watch this amazing video from a Burundian pastor about Water Missions and the impact of their work.

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