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Dr David YeagoDr. David Yeago has been appointed to the faculty of the North American Lutheran Seminary and Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, as Professor of Systematic Theology and Ethics.

“I am honored and delighted to join the faculty at Trinity School for Ministry in partnership with the North American Lutheran Seminary,” said Dr. Yeago. “Trinity’s commitment to the historic Christian faith, focus on Biblical theology, and passion for the mission of the Gospel correspond to my own priorities as a Christian theologian. I look forward to new friendships with new colleagues as we work together to form students for service to Christ and his Gospel in the Church and in the world.”

“We are delighted to welcome David Yeago to our seminary,” said the Ven. Dr. Mark Stevenson, Trinity’s Academic Dean. “David is highly respected in the field of theology and he will be a wonderful addition to our teaching team.”

Trinity and the NALC began their partnership last summer when the 2013 NALC Convocation voted to make Trinity the Seminary Center of the North American Lutheran Seminary. The Rev. Dr. Amy Schifrin joined Trinity’s faculty in January to teach Lutheran Worship and Homiletics as well as to be the Director of the NALS. Dr. Yeago will move to Ambridge this summer and begin teaching classes in the fall.

“As we begin to grow and take shape as a seminary in the North American Lutheran landscape, the addition of Dr. Yeago as Professor of Systematic Theology and Ethics will help us to be a center for students who seek to be formed within a Confessional Lutheran context,” said Dr. Schifrin. “I am extremely thankful for Dr. Yeago’s work among the students at our House of Studies in Charlotte, and hope that with this new appointment to our Seminary Center in Ambridge, his teaching will be made accessible to students throughout the NALS.”

Dr. Yeago taught at Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary in Columbia, S.C., for many years. Most recently, he taught at the NALS House of Studies at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Charlotte, N.C.

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