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As part of the continuing effort to effectively use the Internet and other digital media for our international and local church bodies, the North American Lutheran Church announces the pre-launch of the NALCNetwork.

David Hahn and Todd Harrison, who are leading the day-to-day development of the NALCNetwork, remark that “The NALCNetwork is the new vehicle to fully empower each NALC church and mission with the communicative possibilities of the Internet and rapidly developing mobile communication. Not only will the NALCNetwork provide services for individual churches, but each church will participate in the network, the aim of which is to share stories, ideas, best practices, and undertake joint communication efforts.”

The whole really is greater than the sum of the parts.

Early church participants include Zion Lutheran Church in Brentwood (Pittsburgh), PA; Peace Lutheran Church in Devils Lake, ND; and Immanuel Lutheran Church in Whitewood, SD.

So, if your church needs a new and invigorated website or wants to become part of the mutual effort, then please sign up at http://www.nalcnetwork.com. We are still looking for two or three churches as early adopters.

“We’re really looking forward to upgrading our digital communications and web tools with the NALCNetwork. We’ll be reaching out to the community at the same time we’re growing closer to other NALC congregations. Thanks to everyone that’s working on this!” — Lyle Belleque; Pastor, Peace Lutheran Church; Devils Lake, ND

 “At Zion Lutheran, communication is essential for our mission. We are happy to be pioneering members of the NALCNetwork, which we think is a great idea and bonding vehicle that will ultimately enable all of us to communicate more effectively with members of our congregation, the NALC, and our entire community.” — Donna Evans; Communications Committee, Zion Lutheran Church; Brentwood (Pittsburgh), PA

 “In this digital age, it is essential that NALC congregations find the best ways to communicate. As the printing press was essential to the Reformation, the Internet has been essential to this new Reformation. The NALCNetwork will bring together NALC congregations and provide tools for them to reach out to others with the Gospel.” — David Baer, Pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Whitewood, SD, and editor of the NALC News.


Indicate your interest in the NALCNetwork at http://www.NALCNetwork.com.

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  • Ken, my husband, & I are glad that NALC promotes with great vigor the truth of Jesus Christ!!! Truly the power of God with us!!! We can do all things through Christ Who strengthens us. Janet Kelley