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The 2013 NALC Convocation, held August 8-9 in Pittsburgh, PA, overwhelmingly approved a proposal to establish a seminary to provide for the theological education of future pastors for the North American Lutheran Church. The proposal for the North American Lutheran Seminary is the result of the work of the NALC’s Task Force for Theological Education. The proposal recommends two components of one NALC Seminary system: a  Seminary Center at Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, Pa., and Houses of Studies located within NALC Mission Districts.

Documents relating to the creation of the NALC Seminary:

North American Lutheran Seminary: A Proposal

Questions and Answers: Proposal for the North American Lutheran Seminary


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  • Rev. Lisa Peterson

    I am delighted to learn of the passage of this proposal. Recently I was asked to speak to a gathering in a congregation (not NALC), where people were wanting information about the NALC. Among their concerns was a plan for theological education. Praise God, who hears our concerns and speaks to our hearts to realize His will and grace.
    Serving with you with joy,
    Pastor Lisa Peterson (ret.)

  • I am happy to see a proposal for a seminary. Our congregation, not NALC, is not satisfied with the directions our church body has gone. The big question is where can we go that will have the resouces to support our congregation, clergy and teachers. This fear of the unknown has prevented a leap of faith as it were. I am excited to see what the future has for the NALC and pray that if that includes our community that it will be a blessed future.