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While the decision of the court is not a complete surprise we were hoping for more than a ruling aligned with the popular opinion of our culture. Many of the basic tenets of our legal system are rooted in biblical principles. The laws of our nation were once established on transcendent truth and not simply what citizens were willing to tolerate.  Contemporary decisions seem to be based on only the most recent cases, philosophies and political will. The historical foundation and connection to biblical principles is seldom raised or followed.  The prevailing attitude is that the wisdom of man in contemporary culture is far superior to the wisdom of God. (read more)

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  • Pr. Cathi Braasch

    Thanks be to God and to you for your faithful, thoughtful, pastoral response.

  • Last night as I made an evangelism call on a very young couple, I learned that they had been thrilled to find that the NALC even had a statement affirming marriage. For that matter, they had also been thrilled to read the statement on Nascent Life. We had both statements on our congregation’s website, but we are linked with the NALC website — so they thoroughly checked out both sites. Then they worshipped with us. Then they filled out an address card. Now they’re joining Holy Trinity (and here cynic that I am, I thought they wanted their baby baptized. But no. That baptism is happening at their home church this weekend. They were actually looking for a church that “really believes it.”) Hooray Bishop!

  • I want to respond to Bishop Bradosky’s above statement. As a lifelong Lutheran I have become very much afraid of the way ELCA is going. To kowtow to public opinion just to be “politically correct” and/or fear of offending certain segments of society at the cost of defying sound solid Scripture is terrifying. Now that may seem to be an overreaction, but I don’t fear for myself but for my granddaughter. John Wesley very wisely said “What one generation tolerates, the next generation embraces.” Project today’s “accepted” (not by me) to the future and what is pictured?