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“Preaching and Teaching the Law and Gospel of God” collects the papers presented at the Theological Conference co-sponsored by Lutheran CORE and the North American Lutheran Church (NALC) in August 2012 at Calvary Lutheran Church in Golden Valley, Minnesota.

Dr. Carl E. Braaten, who served as the book’s editor, calls the proper distinction between law and gospel in the Scripture “the hallmark of classical Lutheranism.” The overall theme of the conference was how pastors need to understand the law/gospel principle and to reflect it in preaching and worship in their churches.

The presentations examine the law/gospel distinction from many angles including:

  • Lutheran, Reformed and Roman Catholic perspectives
  • Luther’s understanding of St. Paul & that of current NT scholarship
  • Historical Lutheran disagreement about the Third Use of the Law
  • Implications for preaching and worship

The book is 174 pages and is available from the ALPB for $14 plus postage. To order or for more information, go to www.alpb.org or call 607-746-7511.