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The 2013 Nominating Committee of the North American Lutheran Church is pleased to announce those who have been nominated  to serve on the NALC Executive Council and the NALC Court of Adjudication:

Executive Council – Lay Member (4-year term)
+ Matthew Burkhart – Columbus, Ohio
+ Richard Jansak – Hendersonville, North Carolina
+ Paul O’Malley – Auburn, Indiana
+ Frank Polkowski – East Amherst, New York
Executive Council – Ordained Minister (4-year term)
+ Pastor Bassam Abdallah – Hammond, Indiana
+ Pastor Cathi Braasch – Elwood, Nebraska
+ Pastor Phillip Gagnon – St. Albert, Alberta
+ Pastor John Hopper – Hot Springs, South Dakota
+ Pastor Eddy Perez – Miami, Florida
+ Pastor Royan Rodney – Middleburgh, New York
+ Pastor Amy Schifrin – Elkader, Iowa
+ Pastor Donna Smith – Champaign, Illinois
+ Pastor Solveig Zamzow – Grafton, Iowa
Court of Adjudication (4-year term)
(Two persons to be elected.)
+ Jon Evans – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
+ Pastor Jeffray Greene – Rantoul, Illinois

The 2013 NALC Convocation August 8-9 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, will elect one lay person and one pastor to the Executive Council and two members of the Court of Adjudication.

The Executive Council functions as the board of directors for the NALC, providing leadership for the church between the annual Convocations.

The Court of Adjudication hears appeals from disciplinary decisions; resolves questions of interpretation of NALC governing documents; and decides claims that a person or entity has violated these governing documents.

Download NALC Nominations 2013